Drawing, Planning, Creating

 The first drawing of the year. 
I didn't say it had to be good  -  I just said I have to keep 
that pen moving.
I've been hibernating
and it really felt good, but enough is enough.  I've been de-cluttering, cleaning, and rearranging my studio space.  Now I'm ready to start painting again, and I feel like doing some acrylics.

We have all of our Christmas things put away  -  some kind of a record for the Careys.  Because we live here in Winter Wonderland, no one takes down their Christmas decorations until as late as February.  Christmas trees stay up until at least 12th Night, and wreaths don't come down until Valentine's Day.  But this year, just like my hibernation  -  I'm done.  Moving on.

I hope you had a great holiday, and you're rarin' to get into the new year with plans and goals for drawing, painting, creating!  What are your creative plans  -  we want to know.


Anonymous said...

thank you so for this wonderful blog this year. looking forward to this New Year that we have coming and for more words and paintings from you. i'm teaching myself watercolor ect and on my art journey i have learned so much from your blog I only wished I lived close enough to come to some of your classes I love reading your explainations of your days so.
Have a Happy new Year,

plaid petunia said...

Hi, Cath I have been feeling really dull and no creative juices flowing at all. Soooo.... I knew if I checked out your blog I would find something to boost me off my behind and get me creating. Sure enough!

Wow, you look organized. I bet if feels great.

I'm off to draw chair. That should get my brain going.


Mary Lou Peters said...

I'm almost done with my own studio organizing--a good thing to do at the beginning of a new year. Love your little chair!

Helen Sturgeon said...

I'm so glad you're back! I've missed your posts!! We had 10" snow in Western NC - a record on Christmas for us! I had my 2 children, 4 grands, and 2 dogs in the house for 4 days. Needless to say, I did NOT lift a paintbrush but we had a WONDERFUL Christmas!
Happy New Year and Thank you for taking time to inspire and educate us! Hugs,

Catherine said...

Linda - Thank YOU for stopping by here to read my blog. And Happy New Year to you.

Cathy - a good old chair drawing will get you going. You know how I feel about drawing chairs - it's the best "exercise" there is. Will we get to see it on your blog?

Mary Lou - I am anxious to see your new arrangement. Are you switching rooms?

Helen - your snowy Christmas with family sounds wonderful. Hugs to you too, and a happy new year!

Marpia said...

Thanks for all of the inspiration you gave us in 2010! Thanks for making your blog a fresh and fun site. I love your candid comments and your little drawings, painting and photos. But most of all I love how real you are, no airs, just Cathy. Looking forward to more in 2011. No pressure. :)

Marj said...

Ditto, Ditto to all the above. So glad you are back posting! U R an inspiration to us all....no fluff..just good stuff! Would also like to see more posts from Plaid Petunia (Cathy!!!)
Happy New Year again!

Catherine said...

Marpia and Marj - thanks so very much for your nice comments. For me, doing the blog is just plain fun, and the fact that people actually read it, is just plain amazing:) THANKS!

Marjorie said...

I came upon your blog somehow by way of another blog and was so surprised- I have your book! I went on some retreats at Boyne Falls at a Methodist camp and just loved the area there. My son lives in Gr. Rapids so we visit often. I love your work and you're such an inspiration! AND we all must be trying to recoup our messy studios!!