Persimmons and Tea

Hachiya Persimmons and Mint Tea
The angle of these persimmons doesn't really show their elongated shape.  Apparently, there are two commercially available types of persimmons  -  the kind of round, flat ones, and these that are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. The color is fantastic.  That is what I bought them for  -  the color.  This shape is edible when it is very soft.  I guess. I've never eaten this kind.

In class tomorrow we are going to play around with these colors.  Using different triads (variations of the three primaries) we will mix the fruit and the stem color from the same three colors.

I LOVE the Cotswold Cottage Mint tea container.  My brother and sister-in-law gave it to me because of the colors.  They didn't know if I like mint tea (I do!), but they knew I would like the container. I can't hide it away in the cupboard  -  it sets out on the kitchen counter.

If you ever get to Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan, spend some time in and around the Cotswold Cottage.  Bring home a container of tea to paint.


Marpia said...

Very nice combination. Thanks for the link to the Cotswald Cottage. When we were at Greenfield Village I couldn't get enough photos of it. That would be a fun painting too.

Vaishnavi said...

I have never eaten Persimmons. They look lovely :)

Katrina said...

I so enjoy your blog and love your style. Must have been something about persimmons this week...I bought three. Wouldn't have a clue how to use them as food but love to draw and paint them!

Anonymous said...

Catherian, Love your sketchbook journaling and wanted to know if you can have on line classes for us who are so far away and can not get to you?Thank you so happy holidays,
Linda from Pittsburgh

Marj said...

Woo! that is an attractive tea tin (?). Never bought a persimmon either to eat or to paint...always a first time. They certainly are a pretty color! Actually, I think it's the way they're painted :-) Been at the Cotswold Cottage a few times...were you there recently??? We just recently went to the IMAX at G. Village.

Catherine said...

Marpia - I have also taken pictures of it with a painting in mind. It has fascinated me since I was little.

Vaishnavi - I haven't eaten them either. I hear they can be extremely astringent or sour. They are so beautiful!

Katrina - thanks. This is evidently persimmon season. Cathy C has some persimmon stories.

Linda - thanks so much! I have had a few requests for on-line classes. I will have to figure out exactly how that works and give it a try. Thanks for asking.

Marj - It is a beautiful tin. Someday I will have to do it on a journal page and not paint it through the page gutter. We haven't been to Greenfield Village in about a year and a half. What a great place!!!

LindaHunt said...

This is such a nice painting! I bought persimmons a couple of days ago and didn't understand why there were different shapes. I cought the flat one...now if I can figure out how to eat them!

myra anderson said...


Catherine said...

Thanks Linda and Art of the Dance!

Linda, I googled them and still don't know. But aren't they beautiful to look at?!