Family Weekend

Going from One Extreme to the Other
A couple of salt "shakers" from the weekend.   In my quest to sketch the salt shakers or pepper grinders everywhere I go, this is my journal entry from Sunday.

We had a fabulous brunch at the hotel.  I mean fabulous - appetizers, prime rib, cheese cake, and everything imaginable in between.  It was fun! Then after a fantastic afternoon with more family, we headed out into the blizzard.  Because of the weather, the trip that would have normally taken us three and a half to four hours, took six. 

Our kids have a great family vacation vehicle and we stuffed it with seven people, gifts, dishes to pass, overnight bags, and everyone had a pillow, blanket, and at least one personal electronic devise  -  some as large as a laptop (which may not seem so large under other circumstances).  With cell phone calls and texting, we were able to tell our friends and family what it was like out there in the cold, slippery dark.  It is nice to have someone rooting for you.

In these days leading up to Christmas, I hope you'll carry your sketchbooks around and sketch a few memories!


Marj said...

That's the best wtrclr of Multi-colored Pepper I've seen! Sunday's weather was amazing...we went to Church in the a.m. and out to lunch with friends, and then back home to hibernate, read the paper, watercolor my Sermon notes, etc.
Glad you had a safe trip home, even tho' it took forever!

Catherine said...

Thanks Marj! My granddaughter says the red peppercorns are the tastiest :) Ya know - six hours in the car - we could have been to Chicago. If indeed we had wanted to go to Chicago.

Vaishnavi said...

That picture was so beautiful! It reminds me straight out about the holidays and good food!