Onions and Vinegar

Yellow Onions in Ridgways Dish and White Balsamic Vinegar
This is done on Arches Cover Cream.
Couldn't seem to loosen up on this drawing, but I like the way it turned out anyway.  The painting was loose enough  -  I just swooped through with a big brush, using the same technique on the onions that I used on yesterday's plant -  painting them as one shape. I threw in a little red and yellow and softened it out a little lighter in places, and then went back with some shadow color.

I'm listening to Christmas songs and it's snowing.  Sooner or later I am going to have to bake a few Christmas cookies and shop! Maybe this weekend we will do our tree.  Maybe.  Don't want to rush into anything.


Cheryl Gebhart said...

Lovely page. I'm curious - when you painted your onions all as one shape, did you already have the ink lines in or did you add those afterwards?

Catherine said...

I did the ink first. It was a quick contour (continuous line) drawing. It was not blind contour - I check now and then to make sure I am connecting.

Marj said...

Another one of those beautiful dishes--you must have a cupboardful. And painted/drawn so nice. Love it!

Anonymous said...

I love the warm glow of the paper you used and the painting. It is so cheery to look at. Kay