There's That Plant Again

A Quick Little Demo for Class
I painted the leaves as one shape (not each leaf) and then went back in, when it was dry, and added some darks and detail.  I kept the detail simple  -  just enough to show that there is some pattern on the leaves.

Snowy, cold, windy here.  No, I won't say that every day all winter  -  just until I get used to it.  Actually, I never get used to it.  I need to embrace it! Get some snow shoes.  Drink more hot chocolate.  Buy some more candles.  Make more stew.  Bake more bread.  Do you notice how everything after the snow shoes is an indoor activity?  I don't think that's embracing winter  -  I think it's hiding out.  Hibernating. 

I have decided for the month of December I will sketch/paint dinner ingredients, bottles, jars, and labels.  Stay tuned.


Vaishnavi said...

This picture is sooo lovely, did you paint this in the light of a lamp? I just love the play of light on those apple slices!

annie said...

As Vaishnavi says...I am also looking at that light. Interesting that you did the plant as one shape, because the end effect is of individual leaves. You give me so much to think about, Catherine.

Your kind of embracing winter is my kind. I'm really good at embracing hot chocolate.


Catherine said...

Vaishnavi - the apples at the top right are real. They were on the paper when I took the pic, I liked the composition and didn't crop it. The lighting when I did the little painting was not that dramatic, and I had to beef up the shadows a bit when I painted it.

Marj said...

That is so pretty! Interesting what a little added color does--the apples, of course--and the 'lack of detail' makes it so interesting...I'll keep trying:-) I'm about to sew the pages together on my 3rd book! Yeyhoo!
Enjoying your new post.

Helen Sturgeon said...

Visit my cooking blog (The Southern Cook)for some great winter recipes. I made marshmallows to take to my daughter and her new baby girl yesterday in Atlanta. I paint one day, cook the next!! ALL indoors while watching the cold weather outside!! LOL!
Love your little paintings.. I need to get into that habit. You are a good influence!

Catherine said...

Marj - good for you - book #3!!! Be sure to post a pic of it please.

Helen - your cooking blog is absolutely beautiful, and the recipes look yummy!

plaid petunia said...

This is beautiful! It looks like a painting not a demo. Frame it. CC