Horton Bay Road

Value Sketch and Finished Painting
Watercolor 5 X 8
This is what my classes are working on this week  -  simple value sketches that are our guide to simple paintings. We are going to be talking about composition for the next few weeks.  Of course, we are talking about composition all the time, but for awhile we are going to be taking it apart and paying attention to all the parts.

I love painting small paintings with a fairly large brush  -  it keeps things simple and moves right along.  If I dilly dally, I start to get detailed.  I don't like detail  -  I don't like doing it, and I don't like looking at it.  Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Really great watercolor stuff going on in this painting. Lovely! Karen

Vaishnavi said...

Lovely! The hazy details actually work magic in this picture. I would love to see more of Horton Bay Road :)

Catherine said...

Karen - thank you!

Thanks Vaishnavi! You would love Horton Bay Road - there is a BEAUTIFUL lavender farm there.