Watercolor Petunias
Here it is November and I am painting petunias.  This was a painting I had started as a demo in a summer class.

I started a new eight-week session today that will actually run into January because of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  We are going to be paying close attention to composition and enjoy the process that takes us to a finished painting.  We are going to do a lot of thumbnail sketches and value studies, and take our time to get things just the way we want them before we ever touch brush to paper.  This is hard for those of us who are into instant gratification (ME?).  You  notice I said "enjoy the process" - it is actually fun to plan, draw, and work out a color scheme.  I often rush into a painting and miss out on the fun of doing the preliminary steps.

The painting above was started on location, with little planning, except the negative shapes. When I got to a certain point, I really didn't know how to finish it.  When I pulled it out again, I played a lot with the lights and darks and shadow colors and it began to come together.  Not the best way for me to come up with a finished painting, but that is the way I work on location and in my sketchbooks.  I save the "enjoyable process" for winter painting in the studio.

Three days into "blog everyday for a month".  So far so good  -  on my end anyway  -  I'm having fun.


Marj said...

So glad you are posting every day...Today's pic is just what I needed. Took a picture of my daughters gorgeous Blue Morning Glories, and I didn't know where to start--and this picture is a great help. Negative painting stumps me :-) of course, that's not hard to do :-) Keep posting--keeps US painting!!!

plaid petunia said...

Cath, I LOVE.................................these petunias! You are so great at that negative painting. I'm still trying to get it.

How large is this painting?

I agree with Marj. So glad to find you hear everyday.

Catherine said...

Thanks Marj and Cathy - I'm trying to think of an easy way to explain negative painting, but it is definitely a visual thing. The part of my brain that would let me explain it, is not the same part that would let me paint it:)

The painting is quite small - the image is 7.5 X 11.

Terry said...

Your petunias are SO loose and beautiful. I'm taking a new WC class taught by an oil painter so I'm really trying to loosen up and paint with more freedom and expression. It's fun. We're back from our wonderful trip - I did do a painting everyday from Prague to Paris!
Will bring it up to class nexr Aug. Have you ever thought of doing a 5 day class (M-F) to cover composition, etc. I'd gladly come up to Petoskey for it! If not, please make that video. I need it. Also thanks for the daily posts - it really helps me too! Terry

Sand Hill Art said...

I'm a big fan of negative watercolor painting. Your petunias are a super example. Not overworked at all. Nice color combination.
And I LUV Petoskey.

Catherine said...

Thanks Mary T - Can't wait to see the paintings from your trip! Prague to Paris!!! Have fun in your class.

Sally Ann - thank you! Petoskey is a nice place to live. We live in town and have a great seasonal view of the bay - I love it.

annie said...

Lovely, Catherine. I'm not up to negative painting, either--not yet, anyway.What is this video that Mary T mentioned? Exciting if you are making one for sale. I'd love one.

Catherine said...

I do keep kicking the idea around, Annie, but I haven't seriously planned it yet.