Home Grown Apples

Red and Yellow Apples
This is a contour drawing.  I started with the apple in the front, on the left, and worked my way around. It went very quickly, and when I got back around to the left again, they all matched up.  I always wonder if everything really will fit together in the end  -  and it always does.  It just happens like magic.

The man that came to see about helping us finish up the bathroom brought a large bag of apples from his trees.  He got the job.  You see, it's not all about the lowest bid.


Anonymous said...

Lovely apple painting. Your apples are so much prettier than the store bought apple that I had for lunch today. I do not find contour drawing that easy to do, guess it takes lots of practice. Thanks for sharing. Kay

myra anderson said...

I love this! Your apples are so vibrant and 'alive'.

Vaishnavi said...

Your painting makes me crave a slice of apple cinnamon cake! Perfect for the fall...your painting AND the cake :)

Catherine said...

Thanks Kay. I think contour drawing takes practice. It is really the only kind of drawing that "works" for me now. I am not doing "blind contour" - I am looking at the paper now and then.

Myra - thank you!

Vaishnavi - apple cinnamon cake - yum! Sounds great.