Chili by the Bay

This is another contour drawing of another salt shaker 
 a colorless page from a rather colorful weekend.

We had two of the grandkids for a couple of days.  I just vacuumed the living room floor a few minutes ago, and it really looks dull now without the colorful hole-punch dots, bits of ribbon, and little bits of dried up cheese - the cheese was surprisingly colorful!  We didn't do art projects in the living room, and we didn't eat in there - I guess all those bits and pieces just worked their way in there from other parts of the house.  You can imagine what those other parts look like.  It was fun!

It's a very gray day - gun metal gray, actually  -  but cozy inside.   We have only made one trip to the home improvement stores.  Does that mean we weren't very productive, or does it mean we were very organized?  I'm not sayin'.


Diana said...

I have so enjoyed your postings each day.. sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.. nice contour shaker.. Diana

Marpia said...

What do you suggest for those of us who failed contour drawing? Is it okay to peek a few times?

Catherine said...

Thanks Diana - and I am enjoying everyone's comments!

Marpia - Yes, it's okay to peek. I don't do blind contour (not looking at the paper at all). I look at the paper now and then to make sure I am actually in the right place and making connections. Some people only draw when they are looking at the object, then stop drawing when they look at the paper, then start drawing again when they look back at the object. To tell the truth, I don't know if I do that or not - when I think about it, it throws me off.