Lunch with the Girls

I Took My Sketchbook to Lunch
This is a pepper grinder that was on the table at lunch today.  It was such a nice relaxing couple of hours with old and new friends. I had a busy day of running here and there, and lunch with friends was a nice break in the middle.

I think this page could use a little more color.  Salt shakers and pepper grinders are always a little colorless, but I could use my imagination and spiff it up a bit.  I'll work on that.

Are you going to sketch something this weekend? Take your sketchbook to lunch?


myra anderson said...

nice shaker! can't keep me away from sketching this weekend!

Sand Hill Art said...

I remember the view of the Bay from Whitecaps as I type. My sister-in-law's cousin Tim is the chef. What a great place to eat.

Marj said...

Of course! I'll be sketching something!!! Took it to the Dermatologist's office yesterday and sketched/WC'd a lady cross-stitching a baby quilt. Nosy me had to chat and see what she was doing :-)
You make an old salt grinder look terrific! Keep posting.

Vaishnavi said...

I love the purply colour of the pepper! Looking forward to see an improvisation :)

Unknown said...

How special to have my name included in your blog! Lunch was such fun & I really enjoyed looking through your beautiful, handmade journal. You inspire the artist in me, Catherine--truly, even if it doesn't always come through in my painting. Right now, I seem to be expressing myself more through my jewelry & that's exciting, too. Keep on blogging, my friend! AND let's do lunch again soon! Artfully yours, Laura

Catherine said...

Myra - we are eager to see what you sketch.

Sally - It is a great place to eat! Great food and a great view. Thanks for the pic you emailed!

Marj - love you dermatologist sketch!

Vaishnavi thanks! Now the pressure is on to improvise some colorful embellishment : )

Unknown said...

I finally got to meet you. Karen talks about you all the time. Watercolors are my favorite, and your style is right up my alley! I never even noticed the pepper shaker. I was concentrating on my friends-new and old! Susan Kinney

Catherine said...

Laura - you are expressing yourself beautifully through your jewelry - it's wonderful!!!

Susan - so nice to meet you too! I'm very happy that Karen invited me along.