Harker Chinaware

Harker Hotoven Chinaware
"The oldest pottery in America"

I should be painting. No, I should be catching up on paperwork. No, I should be...... so I'm cleaning cupboards.  I do my best when I listen to what is calling my name.  I'm just hoping that tomorrow painting is calling my name.

This time of year I love to go through the cupboards and rearrange things a little.  It's just part of my nesting thing, I guess.  I did purge quite a bit today - getting rid of a lot of duplicates and things that were just plain worn out.  I'm not getting rid of these two pieces of  colorful china.  I love the colors!!!  I don't have a good place to display these, but I should come up with something  -  they are just too pretty to stick up on a top shelf and shut the door.

Yesterday I spent a little time in Bed Bath and whatever, looking at everything and buying   some salad plates. I decided I should really satisfy my need for "new" by digging out some things from my own cupboards and china cabinet that I haven't seen for awhile.  It's been fun, and my kitchen is in better shape  -  some things taken away, not added.
Tomorrow I'll work on some sketches of the dish in the foreground  -  it is a challenging shape.

One more step to go, and that is to actually get the stuff I purged out of the house.  Why is that the hardest part?


plaid petunia said...

Did you say you bought dishes? When I read Bed, Bath, I was sure you were buying for your finished bathroom. I know dishes are more fun, right?

I love the dish and I love that I can find something new here each day.


Anonymous said...

Okay, you made me curious and I found this site for checking the markings underneath the pottery.
http://home.lightspeed.net/~ccolbert4/marks.htm Maybe you have a pretty AND sought after dish.
Can't wait to see the sketch/painting or whatever you do with this dish.

Anonymous said...

Don't throw away anything I need.... well maybe not need but want. Enjoying the daily blog.Karen

Catherine said...

Cathy - Nothing for the bathroom. I bought some glass salad plates to fill in until I find the perfect dishes. Or maybe they'll find me.

Anonymous - Thanks - interesting! Mine fell under the category of Hot oven and says chinaware instead of cookingware. I think it is from the 40s.

Catherine said...

Karen - trust me - you don't need/want any of this stuff :)

Unknown said...

Doesn't it feel great to let go of "stuff" ! I do this every season... I plan a move to smaller apartment in the spring so I am doing a lot of letting go. I feel 10 lbs. lighter each time.


Catherine said...

Elizabeth - it does feel good to get rid of "stuff". I keep trying to pretend we are moving to a smaller place but that just doesn't work for me :)

Helen Sturgeon said...

I absolutely love your blog.... you have inspired me to paint flowers today.... heck with fall colors... my paintbrush went to coneflowers!! Isnt't that the most wonderful thing about painting... you can make any season you feel like!!

Claire M said...

Your colorful china caught my eye and I can't wait to see you paint them. And then I read your words -- and started to chuckle as I recognized the desire to do one thing while feeling the pull of other things I need to do. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I was given a set of harker yellow dishes are these worth anything

Catherine said...

Anonymous - I really don't know anything about it. You might want to google Harker - I know there are pieces on ebay.