Pomegranate in my Sketchbook

 This is the first pomegranate I have painted.  Of course I ate it too.  There is something kind of compelling about digging those little seed things out and popping them in your mouth.  It just wouldn't be the same if you could just take a big bite of it.  The little juicy seed things are arils, and there are about 600 of them. No, I didn't count them.

I love the color, texture and shape of the fruit.  I didn't quite capture the leathery look of it, but close enough for a sketch.

It is a quiet, lazy day at our house today.  I did go out into the world to buy some salad plates, and it was very busy out there. The sky has been beautiful and the Bay has been a fabulous bright blue. It's been a nice day.  Tomorrow we will have to make up for being so lazy today, but that's okay, it all balances out.

Hope you're having a nice weekend.


Ann said...

Hi friend, I enjoy your paintings. I have recently painted that interesting fruit. Maybe you would like to have a look:

(Pls check out my Sep 27 entry.)


Vaishnavi said...

I had pomegranates for dinner last night! Your picture is quite lovely because it reminds me of how juicy the fruit is.

Catherine said...

Hi Ann - I enjoyed looking through your blog, and your pomegranate looks great!

Thanks Vaishnavi - I'm glad you think I captured the juiciness :)