Acorn Squash

What More Can You Say About an Acorn Squash?

The shell is a dull green, the flavor isn't the best in its family, but those seeds!  I love the way they look!  All snuggled in there with all those negative shapes.

Pretty soon I had better cook up some of the squash I have around here that I bought to look pretty.  It isn't pretty anymore.


Marj said...

Yep! I'm in the same boat. I have 5 of them (different shapes) in a basket on my table. Haven't cut or painted them yet. I just like to halve them, butter, S&P, and Bake upside down on a cookie sheet. Yum!
Love your daily posts :-)

Anonymous said...

I like the squash painting. Very cheery. I am rereading your book - now that I have found your website, it is more fun to read it because I feel that I know a little more about you. It is so inspiring and I appreciate all the tips you give us in the book. It is definitely more than just eye candy! I am enjoying your daily posts. Kay

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Cath- Al told me about your blog. It is really cool. Good luck to you.Stephanie

Catherine said...

Marj - I have some large squash to cook also - just keep putting it off.

Kay - thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying the re-read.

Stephanie - HI! Nice to have you as a reader - thanks.