Filberts and Almonds

A Contour Drawing on Arches Cover Cream
The grandkids love to crack nuts.  Their mom says to  crack only what they are going to eat, but I think it's pretty cheap entertainment.  It keeps them busy for awhile, it is relatively quiet, and it's pretty easy to clean up.

It always takes me by surprise, that on Saturday after Thanksgiving, I have to think about meals again.  I mean  -  haven't we given that all the thought it needs for awhile?  Grocery shopping  -  you mean we really have to do that again!?

I think tonight it's gonna be grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  What kind of wine goes with that?


Anonymous said...

I do not know what type of wine to go with my favorte food group there is but I had to write that this brought me such a chuckle here after the same thing I was thinking all that cooking for one humane and a few days later Im asking what can I eat. Dont have the cheese or bread to make the sand wich but sure do have the soup.
Thanks so I thought I was the only one to have these kind of thoughts rolling in her head:)

Catherine said...

Linda - I ended up making soup of the leftover mashed potatoes. It sounds as if you will be making a grocery run tomorrow too.

Marj said...

We had Wild Rice/Mushroom Soup...from MyRecipes.com. It called for "cooked chicken" but I used some turkey I had left. It was good. Love the sketch of ANOTHER pretty bowl! Just read that you should eat 6-8 walnut halves each day (for your heart)--but no more...So I bought some to crack and eat.

annie said...



LindaHunt said...

Love this little contour drawing... your drawing have such character...you make it look so easy. I feel the same way about cooking after Thanksgiving!

ginny said...

I hear ya on the cooking. I'm still stuffed.

Margaret said...

I bought un-cracked nuts and a cheap handheld nutcracker. And can you believe, Jeanette pressed SO hard that she gave herself carpal tunnel in her hand! She has worn a cast now for two weeks... I KNEW I should have bought the expensive one, but John would have complained. (I just had to blame him :) ...

I enjoy seeing your work and words here most every day!

Catherine said...

Marj - your soup sounds good! I have been eating walnuts in my oatmeal every morning.

Have you made a grocery run yet Annie?

Thanks Linda!

Margaret - so sorry to hear about your daughter's injury. That cheap nutcracker turned out to be pretty expensive, huh?