Happy Day After TG

This is what it looks like here today.
Some of our holiday guests have just left, and some more will arrive soon to help us finish off the leftovers. It's a day after Thanksgiving tradition.

The snowplows have been around and around and it is still slippery and the wind is very strong.  We usually get snow Thanksgiving weekend, and it will continue a little every day into April.

It was a very cozy day  -  we only ventured outside once to shop!

How are your leftovers doing?  Are they almost gone? Did you hit any of the sales?


Marj said...

Our weather report downstate said you were getting about 3" Up North.
We only had a few flurries! Love the picture--first snowplow of the season.
Sounds like you had great fun with your family...now for Christmas.....!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, now I know why I love AZ even though we put up with horrendous temps in the summer, it is beautiful here now. I don't envy you all that snow and slippery driving. Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with family and friends. I am enjoying your posts. Thanks for sharing. Kay

Catherine said...

Marj and Kay - it's not too bad - lots of wind and a little slippery, but not terrible. AZ sounds pretty good about now.

We did have a great holiday - lots of food and lots of laughs.

Kay, I'm glad you are enjoying the posts. Thank YOU for reading!