Quirky Cup

Very Quick. Very Lopsided.
This is the cup and saucer that is part of the set with the soup terrine a few posts back.
It is a very interesting shape, and I certainly didn't do it justice here.  It is really kind of boxy  -  if something round can be boxy.

In my hand bound journals, when I tie on more thread, I usually leave a little length at the knot.  It's waxed thread, and it resists the watercolor when I paint over the spot where it was closed in the book.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I thought that might be a good technique for saving a fine line of white on the paper.  However, it didn't work when I tried to do it on purpose. You can see the thread and the marks it made along the page center toward the bottom.

Tomorrow is Monday. Tomorrow is back to real life.  That's not a bad thing  -  I like my real life. I also liked having family around and eating every five minutes.


Vaishnavi said...

I love the pattern on the cup. Have a wonderful week ahead! I hate Mondays after an extended holiday. especially one that's filled with food.

Marpia said...

Thanks for the daily blogging. It's been fun to check every evening. I've learned and been inspired and love the variety. I never know what to expect. Your comments are fun to read too. You have the best blog ever!

Rhonda Marineau said...

I actually think the wax resist looks intentional....like a bit of a "reflected light".~! Another great piece as usual :) Would love to see more little teacups.

Catherine said...

Thanks Vaishnavi. How did your Monday turn out :)

Thank you Marpia!

Rhonda - I kind of like what the wax does too - I wish I could get it to do that when I want it to! I don't think I have any other pretty tea cups. They would be fun to do - I'll have to look around my friends' homes.