California Cabin and Sketchbooks

Accordion Sketchbooks (left to right) Granddaughter's, Daughter's, Grandson's

A Weekend at the Cabin

We spent a wonderful weekend with our kids at their cabin in Northern California.

The grandkids and I took our sketchbooks out and sat in the middle of the road to sketch the cabin. It was a little complicated with the angles of the dormers, and we didn't want to spend all day on it - we had other relaxing things to do like eating lunch by the creek, going for a walk, building a bonfire, playing UNO . . . .

The drive up late Friday afternoon was great - driving toward Mt Lassen and Broke Off Mountain - just beautiful. When we arrived that night, we had to hurry up and make accordion sketchbooks so they would be ready to paint in by morning.

It is an absolutely beautiful spot, and of course, there is nothing like a relaxing weekend with family!


Marj said...

I'm jealous :-) for two reasons: One are the sketchbooks, and two is visiting Calif. The sketch/watercolor of the cabin is great! I sketched/watercolored the A-Frame we stayed in with our Daughter and her family, and it's a great memory.
Learning to Journal, sketch, and paint all on the same page is a gift, and I thank you!

Catherine said...

The sketches are more meaningful than our photographs, aren't they? Something about the way they work through our brains and hearts on the way to the paper.

I am so happy you are sketching and journaling - and you do a beautiful job!

Claire M said...

Priceless sketch and sketchbooks. I too am envious of you in the mountains of California with family and art! Enjoy!!