Pot of Flowers

Painting with Isabelle

I played around with "blob and smoosh" while my youngest granddaughter sat beside me and painted sparkling, fancy ladies. She watched me do the printing for awhile and then did some with her pencil. She didn't want to use the pen - I offered.

I have discovered that I can use the dip pen nibs without the handle. Yeah, I know, it sounds awkward, but it takes up soooo little room in my small bag of sketchbook materials. To me, that's what it is all about - SMALL.

I'm going to spend the next few days getting in some family time, so my blogging may be hit and miss. It always is hit and miss, but may be more so. I hope to get in a lot of sketching time also.

I have some classes posted on my class site. More to come.


annie said...

I hear you, Catherine, about using the dip pens without the handles. I do that with the brush tips of thewater brushes (Niji and Pentel). It sometimes is awkward with my arthritis, but most of the time it works, and I like to hold the brush tip like a piece of chalk and use it sideways to make the trunks of trees and large branches especially when I use sepia watercolor. I can use the water brush top to protect the brush tips. And, like you, I find that this takes up little room in my mini sketch bag.

Mickie said...

When you paint these little flower pots I go crazy. I love them. I mean it...I really love them.
I want you to write another journaling book.
Today I got up at 4:00am and couldn't sleep, so I made tea, snuggled into my chaise, lit a candle and read your book (for the um-teenth time.)
Thanks for everything...especially the little pots of flowers!

Catherine said...

Annie - how clever to carry just the brush tip when space is limited.

Mickie - Thanks so much for the very nice comment!