Thai Delight

Everything Tastes Better with Chang Beer

My husband is a fan of only American and Italian cuisine. He was willing to give Thai food a try in California, so we rewarded him with a beer to wash it down. He didn't know until the next day, when I was eating his leftovers, that there was tofu in those noodles!

The grandkids and I tried to keep our sketching in restaurants a little simpler this time. We just sketched in pen or pencil and added color at a later time. Soooo much easier with six of us at the table not to get out all the paint, brushes and water. I think the waiters appreciated it too.


annie said...

Well it sounds like great fun to me. What is the age range of these grandkids?

Catherine said...

Annie - the grandkids are 7 and 10. They have no inhibitions about painting in public at all. Sooo fun!

Claire M said...

Cute sketch! I'm a big fan of Trader Joes too -- and in San Jose no less. Its a small world! Have a wonderful, colorful day!!

Catherine said...

Claire - Maybe we passed each other in the produce section :)