O'Donnell Lane Again

A Small but Serious Painting of O'Donnell Lane, Glen Ellen, CA

A "serious" painting means it was done on watercolor paper and not in my sketchbook. I think I like my sketchbook version of it better.

I used Google Maps Pegman Streetview to do the sketch and also for some reference for this painting. One of my commenters on the sketchbook post said that she was making Pegman her new best friend. I'm in love with Pegman too - we have even gone to Paris together.

Yesterday we went to an open house for a friend that just finished a sculpture that will ship out this week. I love it when people celebrate accomplishments large and small. This was large! How often do we let achievements go by without notice? Sometimes we don't even recognize an achievement when we see one. We need all the celebrations we can get!


annie said...

Well, I always prefer my light sketches to work with more detail in them. I laid it to my lack of training, getting things too stiff, too overworked, but since you and other artists also seem to like your lighter works, maybe there are some other reasons...I think for myself, I just like my stuff when it is more spontaneous,quicker and lighter.


Catherine said...

I think it is perfectionism that does it. We try too hard for a finished product, when actually, the product is finished long before we are. Also, I think I am trying to prove something to myself - "I know how to do this".