Eight-Week Watercolor Classes
Beginning the first week in March. Please check out my class site for info. I still have room in the Thursday afternoon class.


Marj said...

That would be such fun! Wish it was August... :-)
Trying to sketch or paint something each day to keep the imagination going so I really appreciate all your blog entries. Your colors are always 'just right' and I give myself permission not to have every line straight or be too detailed.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the colors! This makes me fell so good! Thanks for blogging. Cathy

Margaret said...

I actually submitted something to be posted on the virtualpaintout! It isn't a masterpiece... not yet, anyway! As you know, I am much more of a drawer & painting intimidates me. I wish I could join your class. I will be in Petoskey for 2 weeks in the summer with all six kids (hubby will fly down & join me) - end of July, I think. Maybe then I can take a class if you are having any at that time.