O'Donnell Lane

Virtual Glen Ellen, CA

If you are familiar with Google Maps, you probably know about the little Pegman you can "drag" to the street for a Google Maps Street View. Fun!

Over at Virtual Paintout, a new location is given each month, and artists drag Pegman to the street and find something they want to paint. This month happens to be the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding locations. I have never participated in this, but thought it would be fun to paint someplace in that area that I had visited . So I took Pegman to Glen Ellen, to O'Donnell Lane - a little lane we had walked down after breakfast one morning the last time we were there. I just did a quick watercolor in my journal, but I may do it as a "semi-serious" painting and submit it.

Using "Street View" is a challenge. It's not even as good as a photograph and because of the camera lens they use, the perspective is not good. I am always cautioning my students not to use other people's photographs because there is no invested emotion in them as there would be in your own. However - it's winter - we all need a little entertainment. See what Pegman can do for you.


Margaret said...

I love the idea of virtual paintout! I might try it soon. I started my own blog (!) and am posting at least a sketch a day - starting with human faces & bodies - Figured I would start with the hard stuff. In about a month I will start in with paint. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I love it!... Love the colors. Looks so much like you! (The grandma...BJR)

Marj said...

That website is fun to look at--all the different interpretations of the area. Loved it! Send yours in too, it's inspiring!

Katrina said...

I am making PEGMAN my new best friend! I love this idea and I really like your ODonnell Lane painting.

Catherine said...

Margaret, I love your blog. Thanks for telling me about it.

Thanks BJR!

Marj - I just finished a "serious", but very small painting of the same subject. Maybe I will submit that.

Katrina - Yes! I am in love with Pegman too. We've even been to Paris together :)