More California

The Lemon Tree

This is a beautiful little tree, absolutely weighted down with fruit. The fragrance of the citrus trees right now is fabulous.

That orange thing in the bottom left-hand corner is a petal from a bright orange California poppy. We were going to go down and sit on the sidewalk and paint them, but something more interesting came up ~ ice cream cones, I think.


Marpia said...

Ah, it must have been wonderful to be in a place with fruit on the trees and have the added joy of experiencing it with grandchildren!
These little ones will learn to see/appreciate through their developing artists' eyes.
Thanks again for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Ah!...it sure is good to see some new sketches!! I've been a'lookin' every day...waiting...waiting...

What a glorious surprise this morning. (This is the sick grandma again, who's had an awfully bad week, so this was an awsome surprise...THANKS!!) BJR