More Sketches of . . .

I'm still thinking of the great time we had in California. It is still cold and dark here in Northern Michigan, and just looking back through my sketchbook keeps the memories intact.

Everything here at home is still brown. That's not true - the grass is green now, but that is it for color. Yesterday I raked a little in the yard, and there is promise of plants to come - and eventually to bloom.

I suppose I could do something productive to be ready for our short summer season. Something like firm up my summer class schedule, get a couple of illustration deadlines off my list, and then paint porch furniture. All of those things sound fun - and that's what it's all about right? Fun?


Marj said...

Congrats on your 40th! Time flies, doesn't it? i love your Calif. sketches. Now have FUN with the spring clean up and let's be thankful the fun time of the year is coming--not going! p.s. we're still waiting for "Z".

Sarah said...


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