A Two page spread in my handbound sketchbook.

I took sketchbooks and paints etc for the grandkids and they were completely uninhibited about painting at the table in restaurants. Every restaurant had something suitable for painting - flowers on the table or something within view. They were eager to paint anywhere and everywhere. We had a great time.

We're home now and it is cold here!!!


Anonymous said...

What a great experience for them and you. Welcome home.

Marj said...

Welcome Home! We're down in the Smokies--and had to pay for internet to keep up with what's happening. Love your Grandkids painting abilities. Or did you paint the salt/pepper shakers? I'm taking my aquarius II sketchbook everywhere with me. Be making a new one soon.

Catherine said...

Thanks for the welcome home. Marj, the paintings are mine. We didn't get any scans of the kids'. I'll have to have their mom do that.

A trip to the Smokies! Sounds great. I am anxious to see your paintings.