Almost Finished

Douglas Lake Cottage
I finished up this demo for the Wednesday class. To give credit where credit is due, the class had a lot of good input and together we finished the painting. I'm still thinking I'll put a scraggly little pine in there to the right of the lone tree. I want to break up that space a little so the lake is not so evenly divided.

I found myself thinking about how I would do this painting in acrylic as I was doing the watercolor. In today's class we got to talking about acrylic painting, and now I am itchy to do some again.

The wind is blowing tonight and sounds very wintry. We have our Christmas tree up with the lights on it, but no ornaments yet. I did a batch of English toffee yesterday, and one batch of cookies today. I'm getting in the spirit. Oh yeah - I have to shop, don't I!

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Anonymous said...

You really are in the Christmas spirit, that little tree looks just like the one Charlie Brown had for Christmas. Thank you for painting this for us. Karen