Cynthia's Lavender Jelly

I didn't come close to capturing the beautiful color, transparency, and reflected light in this jar of lavender jelly. I really enjoyed trying. The real thing just glistens like a jewel. Ummm, maybe I should have taken a picture of the real thing instead of showing you how I missed the mark. However, to me, the purpose of my journal is to experience things, not render a perfect painting.

. . . and, I am way off on the shape. Okay, some days are like that. Enjoy the journey and move on.

Cynthia's jelly is too beautiful to eat, but I happen to know how delicious it is, so of course we will eat it.

Thanks, Cynthia!


Marj said...

Don't forget that we don't know what the original looks like--shape, color, or reflections...so it looks beautifully done. It's like listening to a story on the radio, your mind fills in the picture blanks. I Always look forward to what's next on your blog.

seesue said...

This is lovely, delicate and beautifully coloured.