Experimenting Again

Charcoal and Watercolor on Yupo
Charcoal and Watercolor on Arches 140 Coldpress

I spent the day Friday with friends playing with charcoal, watercolor, watercolor pencil, paper, yupo (plastic "paper"). The bottom painting was an unfinished demo I had started for a class. I added charcoal line and more watercolor. Looks cartoon-like, but I think I'll give it a try again some day.

It was a nice day even though we had to cancel our plans to go out to the lavender farm because of rain. At noon we went downtown for lunch and the farmers' market, then did a little thrift shopping, then painted some more.

It's been a nice week - lots of friends and family and very relaxing. For all that relaxing, I am really sleepy now. Is it permissible to go to bed this early? 9:00 p.m.?


Anonymous said...

Catherine, I just finished making my "Aquarius II" Sketchbook Journal (by hand). That was fun and I LOVE it! I just came from Staples where I had it bound.
Can't believe it was so easy. Love your ideas--this is much better paper to sketch-watercolor-and journal on. Our next trip is Smokies in October. Marj. M.

Anonymous said...

Me again...(BJR). I've been looking through your works. I kept remembering Yupo 'paper'... and I had a day, yesterday, where I felt better and I painted some! Started bright flowers on Yupo...different than paper, but rather fun. Today I am resting, once again! (Lupus always tries to have 'the last word'...) BJR

Catherine said...

Dear BJR, Glad you had a good day painting! Yupo is fun, isn't it?