Abbey Sweet's Ice Cream Parlor

What a fun place to hold a workshop - in an ice cream parlor!
I had a downstate group coming up for a watercolor workshop, and I was looking for a place large enough to be comfortable for two days and with some local atmosphere. The Terrace Inn in Bay View happened to have an ice cream parlor that is closed for the season.

The workshop group was a lot of fun - a great bunch of very talented ladies! The weather was perfect, and our lunches were delicious. What more could we want?!

Today I am back to the old routine - having class in my own little area - if we can get to it. I have dumped everything from the workshop into the studio space and the living room. I'll make it - I'll have things straightened around before the class arrives.

Out my window this morning are some very orange leaves against an almost lavender sky. It might be a good day to go out and get a couple of journal pages painted.

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