A journal page demo:
Blob and smoosh
Leaving whites
Negative space
Birch trees
and Swoosh

It's been a very busy and fun week! It was fast paced and full of energetic, talented, eager-to-learn, book-buying people. Last night I went to sleep at 7:30! Today I am catching up on things - grocery shopping, banking, picking up all the stuff around the house that I have just been dumping anywhere this week, and getting in some family time.

My brain is going a hundred miles an hour (my body is not!). One thing leads to another - a suggestion leads to a class plan (three of those this week) a small demo begins thoughts of a large painting, an idea becomes a note for a chapter in the "next" book . . .

Oh, yeah - and the art fair next weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Will I ever learn to "blob & smoosh" I did try painting your antique tea pot...have a look.
Marj. M.