Watercolor on Watercolor Canvas
Watercolor canvas is fun to work on - not at all like paper. The good news and bad news - the color lifts. The advantage is, of course, being able to wipe out areas that you're not happy with. However, if you paint in layers, like I do, each layer lifts the previous layer. But we all need a challenge now and then, don't we.

And speaking of challenges, the Petoskey art fair is tomorrow. I am almost ready. Almost. It is the only art fair I do these days. In the "good old days" I did several a summer, and with a kid hanging on each leg, I would be painting like crazy getting ready for the next show. The kids will say it wasn't like that, they'll tell you that I used to set the timer and tell them that they couldn't interrupt me until the timer went off, unless someone was bleeding or unconscious.

Okay - back to it. If you are in the Petoskey area tomorrow, stop and say "Hi". It is always a great show!

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Marj said...

Hope the Art Fair went wonderfully! Wish I could have been there. Heard you talked to Betty :-) When the Kids were young, Did you ever get a note under the Bathroom Door--when all you wanted was time alone! Ah-Memories! Marj. M.