Like I Need More Stuff

Yesterday morning we went to the Antiques Festival, and as we walked in I saw this pitcher and fell in love with it. I don't need MORE STUFF! On the way out, my husband suggested we go by and see if the pitcher was still there. It was. We bought it. I can't imagine he suggested I add to the over-abundance of stuff I already have. He's a sweetie. Or an enabler.

We have been spending a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend. I have a dead-line I am working on, but that isn't really WORK when I can set up my easel outside under the backyard canopy, and have all the iced tea and jalapeno (sp?) chips I want within reach. We've only made one trip so far to the local "home improvement store" - a sure sign of a lazy weekend. We walked down to the end of our street to watch the parade on Friday, and watched the fireworks from the bedroom window.

Today I have to get ready for a busy week. It's kind of hard to shift gears after spending a couple of days barely leaving the backyard.


Marj said...

Catherine, I think he is probably both of those :-) a good combo! And I bet your classes will be painting that pitcher one of these days! I'm going to give it a try.
Marj. M.

Anonymous said...

This had to come live with you! Glad you found it and Cliff enabled you to get it. Karen