Here I am.

I'm back. Kind of. I think.
That oil bottle is a little out of kilter, but hey, so am I. I have spent the past couple of weeks sitting in the hospital and nursing home with my mother. She is unhappy and confused, and so are we as we try to make everything okay for her.

So - I am trying to get back to real life, get the creative juices flowing again and get some work done.

These little "paintings" were done on Yupo (synthetic paper - actually plastic) with watercolor pencils. What fun! They aren't good paintings, but I did discover how fun it is to shove the watercolor pencil around on the Yupo. I kind of like what it does. I dipped the pencil in water and then drew with it, then manipulated the color with a damp brush. I am not a fan of Yupo, but I may try something a little more serious using watercolor pencil on it. I do have some paintings I really should be working on, but a little bit of play never hurt anyone, right?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes a little play is just what is needed during difficult emotional times. I hope your art brings you comfort.

Anonymous said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers. Glad to have you back, just painting everyday objects. I just painted some bananas--love the bright yellowish green. Also, Carpal tunnel all healed! Marj.

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sandy said...

Oh these are nice.