I know this isn't a food blog, but look at those colors!

This was lunch one day last week in California. I couldn't pronounce the name of the restaurant, and I don't remember what the dish was called - it was a vegetarian "bowl" with a very flavorful, spicy peanut sauce. It contained soybeans, sweet potatoes, red bell pepper, carrots, zucchini, rice . . . The yellow cubes on top of the crispy tortilla are pieces of very sweet mango. As Rachel Ray would say, "Yummo!" I thought I could carry the flavor around in my head and try to duplicate it when I got home, but it is gone. It is like trying to match a color from memory.
Speaking of food - I really do need to make a grocery run. We have been back for several days, and really need to get back to normal. I keep blaming my lack of routine on jet lag, but I guess that excuse is only good for so long, and I think I am beyond it.

Edited after Amy's comment to direct you to the colorful website of the restaurant. It describes the flavors as from the Southwest, Asia, California, and Latin America. I think every one of those was represented in the bowl I had. So if you are heading to California to try the Aqui restaurant, I suggest you don't lay over in Chicago unless you have a couple extra days to spare.

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Anonymous said...

It was at Aqui Cal-Mex: http://www.aquicalmex.com/
The Thai Peanut Veggie Rice Bowl

I looked it up because I want to order it next time I go!