The End of an Era

Clark and Catherine
My Mom and Dad, October 16th, 1937
My mother died a few days ago. I think she and my dad are dancing once again to the music of Benny Goodman.

Now I need to get back to real life. Well, I guess it is all real life, isn't it? Today felt like spring - I even sat in the sun. A new season. Time to move on. It's time to finish some commissions, plan some classes, get out there with the sketch books . . .


Albinocrow said...

Cathy, I met your mother last May. Catherine was certainly one of the precious gems at SB. Knock, knock...Come in! She'd call in a loud clear voice. How are you today Catherine? Not bad, for 91, she would always reply. Sometimes she was listening to classical music, some opera...Pavarotti?
We talked about the weather and such while I finished her bed, adding the pretty toss pillows, emptied the bins, etc.
As she watched me work, she once said - as a child, my chore was the dusting, and I always hated the dusting!, didn't see any purpose in it. The dust always comes right back.
She had this reaching, leafy vine and I teased her saying it was like Jack's bean stalk. It was growing and growing out of a little wooden box. She said, I don't know what it is but it is doing very well.
Never one to complain, your mother was always cheerful and so appreciative of such small favors. Whenever, I was leaving, she always said thank-you, and sometimes added - it's been a pleasure talking with you.
You too, Catherine...goodbye now!

Anonymous said...

Catherine, I wanted you to know that I am including you in my prayers. I am sorry for your loss. It is true, that with death, changes in our lives will come. Make those changes good and positive, knowing that your mother had a long and happy life! The photo of your parents is Oh! so sweet! You are in my thoughts.

Catherine said...

Sara - thanks for the nice comment and the perfect account of my mother:)
She loved opera - especially Pavarotti. That vine actually was a bean. Our daughter sent it to her from a business trip to China. It outgrew itself and broke off, but she had fun watching it grow and loved everyones' comments about it.
I have the crewel embroidery pillow on my couch now.
She always enjoyed talking to you. Thanks for being one of the people that brightened her life.

Leanna - Not having the responsibility for her well-being now is bittersweet. Life was getting very hard for her. As you suggest, I do intend to make the changes in my life good and positive. Thanks!