Sketch of Rudy

A quick little sketch of Rudy taking a nap. That's what he does best, but tonight he was standing guard over a "mouse hole" in the wall. He was very attentive for quite awhile. He tired of it when nothing happened. So does that mean there was a mouse there, waiting for Rudy to leave so it can come out and have the run of the house while we are all snug in our beds? Yuck.

Kind of nasty here today with a little snow and very dark clouds hanging over the Bay.

I did find my to-do list today that I was stressing over yesterday. I copied it over onto a red piece of paper that's easy to spot. We got a few things crossed off our lists and figured we deserved potato chips and ice cream - that's always a good way to wrap up the day - as a reward OR consolation.

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