Waiting for my Muse

This past summer I thought a good subject for winter paintings would be interiors. So far this is the only interior sketch I have, and I did this a couple of years ago for a drawing class I was teaching. I was going to carry my camera and sketchbook around getting references of doorways, views into the next room etc. It still seems like a good idea to me, but I have been feeling so uncreative. What is it they say about picking up the paintbrush and the muse will appear? I don't think the muse ever walks in and hands you a paintbrush.
I'm gonna leave the door unlocked just in case.

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Leanna said...

Oh Catherine! We must be sharing a common bug ... creativity, not!!! I have not even been creating posts on my blog, so my strain of the bug has got to be worse than yours LOL!!! Maybe the Thanksgiving season will produce some painting or writing fodder for me. The winter doldrums. Winter season has just begun and I am instantly craving warm sunshine once again. But, I will follow your lead and leave the door open also. BTW, I like your little sketch.