Colorful and oh so tasty

A few days ago I did a private lesson with a student/friend and his daughter. The lesson was the daughter's birthday present - is that fun or what!? Not only did I have a great time painting with them at his beautiful home overlooking Lake Michigan, his wife fixed a fabulous lunch! As she dished up this beautiful borscht and set the soup plates on the black counter top, I just had to run and get my camera. My daughter asked if the host didn't think it was odd that I was taking pictures of her soup. I said anyone that can create a borscht that beautiful, wouldn't think anything of someone shooting a few pictures. It was unbelievably tasty too - light, a little citrusy with a hint of ginger . . . oh, this isn't a food blog?

The painting was lots of fun too! The father and daughter paint in very different styles and it was fun to see their two versions of the same scene - both with great results!

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