Monoprinting Again

Yet another monoprint or monotype (?) of Memorial Garden in Bay View.
I'm trying to get back in the swing of working indoors and I need a few little projects to transition not just my painting techniques, but also my brain. Doing small prints like this is almost like coloring in a coloring book - I know, it looks like it too.

I'm using too much ink and the paper was too damp. I tried bristol board this time. It's fun, it's relaxing, and it keeps the colors flowing.

My classes begin next week - Wednesday and Thursday. When my summer craziness (crazy is good) was over and the California kids left, I had a hard time with the "nothingness"! Although I did have things to do and things I was doing, it just wasn't the same. Now a few things have come along that really need attention, planning, meeting with other people, research . . . I'm gonna be okay. The momentum is beginning to roll things along, I have to pay attention to my calendar, I have to keep ahead of things a little. One of the things I have going on is with the Little Travese Consevancy.

But right now I am going to go bake a birthday cake for my sweet husband, then get ready to go to my oldest ( 9 years old) grandson's football game, then have the family over for cake and ice cream tonight.

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