Guess Who Came to Dinner.

REALLY!!! A pileated woodpecker came to my little bird feeder today. We live in the city! Pileated woodpeckers live in the forest! I have only seen one other in my life. I must admit that I did not take this picture - I found it on a public-domain-picture site. The woodpecker didn't stay long - he took off as soon as I came near the window, but there is no mistaking this bird - nothing else looks like it. Except of course Woody Woodpecker.


Leanna said...

Catherine, what a treat! Wish I had seen it too. Looks like good painting fodder. Also, nice to see you posting a bit more often. Please visit my blog when you can.

Mary Jill Lemieur Designs said...

Hey what are all the cool birds doing one your side of town? I'm jealous, mj