Yes, I am working.

I am getting a few boxes of cards packaged up for the book store's order. That's about as creative as I seem to be right now. I am working on a sketch for a commission, and I'll post that soon. It's not a big deal difficult sketch, but Christmas panic has set in and everything seems like a big deal.

I wasn't sure my printer would make it through the order, but it did. I think it is related to the energizer bunny. Even when it says it is out of ink, (for a long time now) it keeps printing in full color. It makes horrible noises and just keeps spitting out the prints. I have to babysit it and tell it it really isn't out of paper. I don't think it is worth getting new cartridges for, so I'm squeezing all of the ink out of it I can. But I think this is its last real job.

I know you were all just dying to hear about my printer, huh? But I haven't posted a real painting in so long, that I had to post some kind of work related subject.

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