And now I'm playing

This is a monotype - I think. I don't know why I am so fascinated by monoprints/monotypes, they don't make a lot of sense if you think about it. What has a one-time thing got to do with printing? Anyway, I want to try more. This was more or less the first one I have ever done - that means it is the first one I would make public. The others were just smears. So this week I think I will fool around with monoprints a bit.

Maybe I'll set some goals for '07 - or maybe dig out the list from '06 - it hasn't been used.

Also need to clean up the Christmas mess. Where does all that stuff come from!? We pulled all the Christmas boxes out of the attic, only opened one, and we are still stepping over the others. At least we don't have as much as usual to put away.

It was dark and rainy here and we had the flu!!! Everyone had the flu - grandmas and grandpas, babies, and everyone in between. At least when everyone in the family is sick, no one expects much of each other - like wrapped gifts or meals! But somehow our son and daughter-in-law managed to pull off a wonderful Christmas evening meal and a great family get-together. We actually did have a VERY nice Christmas.

I have been following Belinda DelPesco's blog, and now I feel like experimenting a little. If this monoprint thing works out at all, I will post it with some very simple instructions - because that is all I'm going to do - something very simple. You CAN try this at home.

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Catherine!

Here's to a creative 2007!