Checking In

I hope everyone is doing well in this crazy time of quarantine!  Have you had some time on your hands to get some projects done?  Have you been painting and sketching?  

Forty Days of Paintings
Before Easter, I set myself a goal of painting a little 3X5 painting every day for forty days.  I painted views out our windows, things around the house, and of course, food.  I did them on pieces of Aquarius II watercolor paper because that is lighter weight than a 140 # paper, and I thought I might want to mount them in a sketchbook.  So far I'm happy with them just bundled together and tied with a ribbon.
Forty Days #1

Accordion Journal
By April 1st I decided that I should be keeping a Quarantine journal.  Instead of overthinking it and never getting started, I just folded a strip of watercolor paper (spliced to make it about 5" X 60") into an accordion fold.  Using both sides of the paper, it gives me about a month's worth of space.  Of course, now I had to start another one for May.

Stay at Home Journal

Google Street View
About this time of year I can't wait to get out and start sketching cottages and street scenes.  It has been very cold and there is no where to go.   So  -  I've started sketching using Google Street View.  These are just small, quick, scribbly, continuous-line drawings in ink.  Such fun!  I am stuck on the East Coast.  Try Nantucket  -  it's great. 

Google Street View Nantucket


Sketchbook Wandering said...

Nice to see your art, love the daily 3 X 5 painting. And the special accordion journal. It is interesting how people are spending their time. My quarantine journal is just a part of my daily journal. A new category emerged: Virus.
I too am "stuck" in a lovely place in Midcoast Maine.

Catherine said...

Hi SW - thanks for stopping by! It is interesting to see what people are doing now - lots more "sketchbooking".

Karen Kubovchick said...

Soooo glad you are back.

Catherine said...

Karen - thanks!