Julio In and Out of the Studio

My Pal in the Studio
Julio loves paper, pencils, pens, and paint brushes! I have to shut him out of the studio when I have a class because he tries to help everyone paint.  He's not that helpful.

Today I'm really feeling the effects of summer's end.  No more outdoor classes, no more open doors and windows, no more evening meals on the porch.  Well, there may be a few, and there will be more days of sketchbook journaling out and about. Oh yeah,  there's always that stuff to do in the yard.  I think people who take good care of their yards call it "putting the garden to bed".  I call it "cutting down all the overgrown stuff that has taken over".  

Really, all I have to do is switch gears to autumn mode  -  there are plenty of fun projects to get going on.  I think instead of cutting down all that stuff in the yard, I'll go out to the farm market and get some fall produce.  

I need to sketch something  -  I like paper, pencils, pens, and paint brushes too. 

Are you sketching?!


Debbie Nolan said...

It is good to have you back. Am looking forward to your sketches. Looks like Julio would make a delightful companion. Have a super day.

Catherine said...

Thanks Debbie! Julio is a little on the wild and crazy side, but very entertaining..

MyLittleBlueDog said...

Oh he's so precious!

WWendi said...

Yaaaaaaayyy!!! I'm so glad your back!! I've been checking every so often, and was pleasantly surprised today!! I hope all is well. I'm looking forward to more of your posts!!

Lucia Sasaki said...

Brazillilan greetings!
Thanks a lot for updating your blog, it is so lovely! And Julio is a very handsome cat!
I discovered your blog when I hunt in Google some pictures of watercolor bookbinding and I put it in my favorites. I started to learn about watercolor in 2014, well truthfully I started with sumi-e painting and slowly started to learn watercolor as well.
Thanks a lot for making the world a more beautiful and inspiring place.

Catherine said...

My Little Blue Dog - Julio is precious - and VERY feisty!

Wendi - It's good to be back, thanks. All is well.

Lucia - Thank you for your kind words. Happy painting!