Troupe Tent Flower Bed

Sketchbook Demo
Back in July I did a two-day workshop at the Interlochen Center for the Arts.
This sketch was done to demonstrate continuous line drawing, rocks, blob and smoosh, and negative shapes.  "Blob and smoosh"  is a term I use for softening edges  -  you blob the color on, then you smoosh it out a little.

I've been painting a little wicker plant stand, and that is about as creative as I have been for several days now.  I'll see if I can step it up a little tomorrow.


Margie said...

Blob and smoosh works for me!

Marj said...

Me too, Margie! However blobbing and smooshing works best on flowers for me :-)
Love your every day posting, Catherine. Your color combos are always so "right."
Just to keep painting something, I did some umbrellas and did them different colors. It's starting to get very "leafless" around here except for a few hanger's-on.

Anonymous said...

Really helpful tips!! Thx