Our Creative Endeavor

 Paper Making
We made paper today from dryer lint.  It was not a pretty job.  It was slimy, chunky, stringy, hairy (pet and human).  Have you ever seen the Bassomatic skit with Dan Akroyd from Saturday night live back in the mid-seventies?

 I think the paper will turn out much lighter after it has dried  -  which I think might take days.

We had a great time! And I think the most important thing we learned  -  start buying much lighter clothes so we'll have better lint.


Margie said...

This made me smile. I hope you are enjoying creating these daily posts as much as I (we) enjoy reading them!

Roberta Warshaw said...

Ok. I am officially grossed out! LOL

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Yup, its weird. I like the challenge it brings to the brain.

Catherine said...

Thanks Margie - I'm glad you're enjoying them.

Roberta - it was very very gross!

Maywyn - we all need a creative challenge now and then, don't we? Maybe even a gross creative challenge.

Marj said...

Can we see pics of the finished product (maybe even some w/c paint on it????
We used to do that stuff in Elementary School :-)only I think we used toilet paper LOL

Catherine said...

Marj - it was not dry when I left. It may still not be dry! I'm not sure it will take watercolor - it has no sizing, and I think the wc would soak right in. Also, it is very dark. Hmmmm - maybe gouache. Toilet paper, huh?