A Page in my Sketchbook
This is a page in a 9 X 12 sketchbook.  The drawings are done with a 6B drawing pencil.   The houses are value and composition sketches for future paintings, and the chair is just because I love drawing chairs.

I t has been soooo cold here today  -  about 21 degrees with strong winds.   We went out this morning to run errands, but after a couple of stops, decided to just go home.  The wind was bitter cold and it was getting slippery. 

What is the weather like where you are?  Hope you're staying warm.


Marj said...

Cold, Windy, snow flurries. Went to the Car Dealer to trade in our lease car...and went right home.
So Cold--I'm ready for Spring :-)
Dressing in layers again, too.
Thought about "painting" those snow clouds. and we are "down State".
Always love your sketches & watercolors--hate to see November end :-( your postings.

Marj said...

oops! forgot to tell you I made Tomato-Gorgonzola Soup when we got home! Yummy! Good on a blustery day!!!

Margie said...

VERY cold and windy today down here too. Enjoyed the pencil sketches.

Anonymous said...

The weather here is much like yours. I am enjoying your blog so much.

Patricia said...

Here in UK, Essex it is beginning to get very cold with even colder weather forecast. I'm a newish follower and catching up on post reading. Loving all your artwork. I'm not an artist in any way shape or form but I've just started doing a bit of sketching and doodling and playing around with water colours too, with a view to doing some art journalling which I'm really looking forward to. Just illustrations rather than mixed media but often I get stuck on ideas. Guess it takes time.

Catherine said...

Marj - I think your weather is even worse than ours. Oh - Gorgonzola soup! I will have to make some.

Thanks Margie!

Anonymous - Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it. Stay warm!

Patricia - glad to have you on board! It sounds to me like you ARE an artist. It's as much about what's in your heart as what you put on paper. Keep at it!