Orange Geranium

Poor Straggly Thing
My bright orange geranium is pretty wimpy looking.  I'll try to baby it through the winter and see how it does in the spring.  I love the color, and have never seen another one exactly like it. 

It has hovered around 21 degrees all weekend.  We have snow, which should make the ski resorts very happy.  Skiing is important here for our local economy.

Now I'm going to go warm up some leftover homemade chicken noodle soup, we'll pick out a movie, and call it a day.  It's been a nice one. How about your day?  I hope it was good!


Diana said...

HI Catherine, Soup sounds good. Love your beautiful page. My geranium is hanging it's head. Stay warm.love,Diana

Margie said...

Such a cute post! Nice day. Went to brunch. Finished a book. And, took my daily three mile walk all bundled up as it is C O L D here too!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Catherine - your geranium's color is unusual. Hope you can baby it along til the weather is nice again. Soup sounds wonderful - I know we had some this past week-end here - so cold. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Catherine said...

Diana - thanks - you stay warm too!

Margie - It sounds like you had a great day. except for maybe the COLD walk :)

Debbie - wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving also!

Christine said...

I love that just one strand of a geranium. My sister grew those so well and when I see them I immediately think of her. She passed died 3 years ago. I should buy one and try to keep it alive in memory of her. You're watercoloring is so inspirational to me. Thank you Christine