I was craving color after doing some value sketches in gray scales.  Nothing cures that craving like a persimmon. 

This was done in gouache on  Bogus Rough Sketch paper. Gouache is an opaque watercolor that acts and smells kind of like tempera.  It's very different from painting with transparent watercolor because you can paint from dark to light as you would with acrylic or oils.  It's very "blend-able" and can be made more transparent with more water.

It's been a dark, drippy, cold day here today.  I haven't had to be out in it, so I've just enjoyed the cosiness of the day.  It's been one of those days that is pleasantly long  -  like a gift of a stretched out day.   We even did some chores.  In this quirky old house, the storm windows go up on the inside, so that was our main project of the day. 

Okay.  I think it's time for nachos and a movie.

What are you doing this weekend?


Margie said...

Really enjoyed seeing the color on this paper.

Diana said...

HI Catherine, I love your persimmon. It's gorgeous. We're going to watch Taken 2 tonight on tv. nachos sound good we usually pop microwave popcorn. love,Diana