Another Value Sketch

Drawn on Bogus Rough Sketch Paper
"Bogus Rough". Don't you love that?  It just sounds gutsy, doesn't it?  Actually it looks and feels a lot like a heavy kraft paper.  You can buy it in a tablet, and it's made by "Bee Paper".

Using a toned paper allows you to use the paper as the mid value, the use charcoal for the deep shadows and white chalk for the highlights.  It's an altogether different look than the hard edges you get with markers.  The markers are fast and simple.  The chalk and charcoal are slower and more "artistic".   Someone in class said, "Oh, this is fun!  I feel like Leonardo, sketching on this brown paper."  I wonder if Leonardo's paper was brown to begin with.

I'm having a lot of fun with value sketches,  but I'm beginning to crave color.  Maybe tomorrow.

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Margie said...

I love this!!!!